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COCOMO Restaurant

Barcelona, 2014
In collaboration with Josep Ortín Meseguer
Nominated in VIII NAN Architecture Awards (best interior design project)

Infographics: SBDA
Builder: Construgarantía (David Orozco)
Wood: MC Decorados
Lighting: Sunfor, Habitat
Furniture: Vergés, Dadra, Habitat
Photographies: Anna Ribera

The design was born of two premises: to obtain a very luminous place that could work mixing in time and space the uses of cafeteria, restaurant and bar. The light will become the main element of the project, together with the use of pure and recycled materials.

The large glass facade in the street corner pretends to be a showcase of the restaurant and show itself to the city. Bars are central elements of activity, pure free-standing volumes, and identity elements. The pre-existing form of the local, elongated and narrow, has been the main element of the design.

The cladding materials strictly maintain a height of 120cm, which is developed in all the place even in the inner corner, clarifying the continuity of the space. The lighting has been made evident as a design element, and it sows itself by a large linear forest of light that identifies the whole project.