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Son Mut Pool

Llucmajor (Mallorca), 2013-2014
Pool and outdoor arrangement

Selected Project in the International Landscape Prize Rosa Barba, 9 International Biennial of Landscape Architecture (Barcelona, 2016)


Builder: Pep Fontirroig
Santanyí Stone: Salvà-Llull C.B.
Pool system: Aubapool
Photographies: Pol Viladoms (1 a 6), salvà ortín arquitectes (7 a 17)

The memory of the environment
The location of the pool in a rural setting determines its assimilation to the old water tanks (reservoirs) that were annexed to the existing residential buildings in the “possessions”. To ease the construction, they are usually built above ground level, to avoid performing any excavation. This criterion is repeated in the approach of the pool. It also arises from its relationship with housing which will service.

A single material topography
The pool is planned as part of a system of terraces that are related, on the one hand, with the existing house (play this extension), and the other, with the gardens located on the side of the house. The new proposal defines a stepped surface that recognizes the pre-existing and preserves them, using only the Santanyí stone as the only building material. The embankment wall and limit of the current garden becomes also the pool limit, which in its location colonizes and see all the plot.

Landscape as a stategy
The perception of the landscape in which the pool wants to be clear in the project. Therefore an overflowing pool is proposed, so its sides disappear by merging with the surroundings.

Uses, morphologies of the pool
The indoor pool is thought from the possibility of multiple uses. Therefore we propose different areas and depths geometries adapted to the uses which have been designed.