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CA Terrace

Renovation of a private terrace in multi-family building 
Barcelona, 2019

In the middle of the Eixample of Barcelona, the privileged space of a terrace designed only as a roof for a residential building is transformed to become an outdoor living space, allowing private playful use by organizing spaces for rest, relaxation, preparation and tasting of food and relationship. The environmental conditions of an outdoor space are taken as premises to convert a roof into a living space, both during the day and night.

The preexistences of the building, such as the skylight of a community patio, the ventilation chimneys of the lower floors and the large dividing wall of the neighbor building are integrated into the proposal, being used as anchor for the location of a large pergola that, while includes a barbecue space and provides shade for the food area, it gives scale to the open space of the terrace.

The space is delimited, defined and focused on its use and views through the use of a single finish, a high-resistance and low-maintenance material, which will allow its use as flooring, pergola, furniture, latticework and cladding.

Accompanied by a vegetation with low water needs and high resistance to sun exposure, the spaces are organized through the integrated existing ventilation chimneys and benches at different levels, generated by the support structure of the pergola, to offer the terrace seating spaces, living spaces, food and beverage preparation surfaces and places to eat.

Builder: Construgarantía (David Orozco)
Lighting: Robert la Rosa
Flooring and slats: Tarimatec
Photographies: Pol Viladoms
Work photographies: salvà ortín arquitectes