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Barcelona, 2019


Builder: Pidige S.L.
Woodwork: Perez Massot
Acoustic Panels: Decustik SL
Pavement: Gerflor
Photographies: Pol Viladoms 

Project of restructuring of two single classrooms into a music classroom with compartmentalization possibilities, with minimum intervention requirements that allow no alteration of carpentry, maintaining maximum usable space and storage space generation.

It is proposed to panel all the walls with materials that allow sound absorption. The condition of maintaining the existing doors and windows and the provision of space for the placement of a movable partition determine the geometry and definition of the cladding.

The idea is creating a storage stock on the wall that separates the classroom from the hallway and the staircase of the building, also allowing the future collection of mobile partitions and making easy the creation of a double skin to the existing entrances with acoustic curtains.

The street façade is cladded with a two-level panels to include in its thickness the existing heating system and at the same time to allow the installation of acoustic curtains that improve the behavior of the original windows .

The entire cladding of the walls, made with acoustic panels, follows a modulation according to manufacturing standards and integrates into the cutting all storage boxes of the classroom.

The pavement and the ceiling are defined according to the same sound absorption standards.

Following the educational program of the center, the characteristic color of the plant where the classroom is located is blue, that is why the floor, doors, radiators and curtains provide a touch of color to the classroom with different tonalities of complementary blues.