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JPMC House

Llucmajor (Mallorca), 2013-2016
House refurbishment in town center



Quantity surveyor: Joan Pizà
Builder: Sa Marina de Mitjorn

One of the main features of this house is its small size (the plot where it is located has an area of ​​only 53,85 m²) which causes its whole occupation on the ground floor (previously destined to storage and vehicle parking) and move the housing area to the first floor.

One of the initial requirements is the transformation of the current ground floor into the living part of the house, moving the kitchen and living-dining room from the first to the ground floor. With this, the most used spaces during the day willbe located on the ground floor. The stairs are relocated to an optimized position.

This new redistribution and organization of living spaces reforms the building from the interior enclosure and proposes the introduction of a patio as a new element of connection between all spaces. The opening of this patio in the center of the house increases its ventilation and, at the same time, introduces a large amount of light inside it. Likewise, it acts as a hinge between the new living spaces and increases the relationships to the outside, becoming the center of the new program.