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JV House

Es Carritxó, Felanitx (Mallorca), 2015-2022
Detached house

Santanyí Stone: Salvà Llull
Cement tiles: Huguet
Lighting: ERCO & Vibia (World Light)
Wood: 10fusta
Kitchen: Studio Piet Boon
Furniture: Llevant Mobiliari

Bulder: Promocions Sa Vileta
Structure: Ma+Sa ad
Facilities MA Ingenieros
Infographics: SBDA

Photographies: Tomeu Canyellas

One of the most remarkable features of the plot are the magnificent views of the Sant Salvador Hilland its mountain system. This singularity of the territory and the slight slope that opens the plot towards these visuals is taken as the main tool of the project.

The volume of housing is based on the combination of three simple, rectangular and inclined roof volumes, based on the indications on landscape integration of municipal and territorial regulations.

The capturing of the visuals has been incorporated into the main areas of the house, although assuming the unfavorable orientation of these, so that the spaces of the house that open towards them also contain more openings towards good solar orientation.

The terrace and the pool are considered as an extension of the house, for that reason the house volume opens to a porch next to the kitchen, which relates to a pergola that makes a link between the kitchenporch, the dining room and the living room.

The project aims to show, from the first perception, the totality of the house, which is why the entrance hall is connected to the basement and with the first floor through a triple space, which also coincides with the stairs that communicate them and with the landscape through the large window.

The location of the property in Felanitx, a few kilometers from the town of S’Horta, is related to the location of a very important material in the history of Mallorca: the Santanyí stone. Currently, Felanitx is the municipality with the most active quarries for extracting this stone. Thus, as an exterior image of the house, a noble lining of Santanyí stone is proposed and in accordance with the territory in which it is located and also with the demands of landscape integration.