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TX House

Llucmajor (Mallorca), 2016-2018
Refurbishment and extension of single-family housing

Structure: Ma+Sa ad
Quantity Surveyor: Benito Monreal Garcias
Builder: Joan Morlà Vicens
Kitchen: Germans Santandreu
Pool: Construmaph
Photographies: Pol Viladoms
works photos: salvà ortín arquitectes

The original building, a dwelling with a garage and a patio in the back, dates from the year 1900.

One of the initial requirements of the clients is the transformation of the ground floor into a single and huge space, maintaining the original structure of the house in the first two bays, expanding the area of the car park, and relocatinon of the stairway to the upper floor, linking it to the living and dining area.

The first floor will grow, both to provide sufficient height in the existing spaces and to accommodate five rooms and a ventilation patio.

The main floor plan program opens completely to the plot, where a large terrace divided into two levels and a pool related to both levels are placed.

The first floor, despite being opened to the street and interior facades, turns around the stairs and the central courtyard, which illuminates the center of the house and improves the ventilation conditions.

Constructively, the existing wall walls are integrated with a new structure of concrete pillars and unidirectional slabs that will be left completely seen.